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Smug married

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Smug married

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I 've been wondering if you say "smug married" or mmarried married" to refer to people who are happily married and tend to look down their nose on other unhappily unmarried people? Anyway, it sounds derrogatary, doesn't it? And another question: would it be used attributively There were lots of smug ly married ladies at the party? And how common is it in English to refer to such people using this expression? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Yes, the Census has confirmed the trend we all anecdotally know to be true — more adults are living alone, getting separated and divorced, and bypassing marriage altogether. No, not really, but it sometimes felt like it.

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To catch up on entries, click on the links below. You hung out all the time, chatted about the same topics, and you sure had a lot of fun together. It is not that we have not tried hard enough. You may not understand everything, but please be considerate. But please don't let this stop you from inviting me to your wedding.

Even if your intention is good, you might come off as arrogant. That was one of your best China plates a wedding gift, of course missing your head by a centimetre. I feel stupid for wasting some of my precious singleton days feeling lonely or sorry for myself.

Empathize with us. Some of my single friends have done amazing things with their spare time — successful niche blogs, selfless days spent volunteering, killer investigative journalism, bionic woman triatholon training, and more. Look, we get that you are happy. Are we independent career mavens our own worst enemies.? Karried feel trapped.

And how common is it in English to refer to such people using this expression? If it does not, do not blame us. It's practically solipsistic and we all know that solipsism doesn't make friends. I 've been wondering if you say "smug married" or "smugly married" to msug to people who are happily married and tend to look down their nose on other unhappily unmarried people?

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They felt they deserved their nice, comfortable lives. If it works out with the guy you set us up with, believe me, we will thank you. And respect our decision to live our lives the way we want to live it, married or single. I was once like you. To be a smug married is to be demeaning and obnoxious. We get it: maried best way to become a millionaire in the country is to maried and stay married.

And, yeah, you guys do seem to have nicer stuff since you've pooled certain expenses. I have to find a way to get my old self back again. They delight in reveling in how hard it is with the underlying implication as almost all implications are that "you don't even know the half of it, man. And another question: would it be used attributively There marired lots of smug ly married ladies at the party?

Some ends up in marriages, others stay single. I love to see my girlfriends happily in love, or having found someone they want to share their lives with.

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I knew for a fact that not one of these women would be worrying about paying the bill as they checked out, or driving to the airport. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues marrifd. A woman who channels her once-desperate?! What kind of person does something so awkward and evil to her so-called friends?

The second big realisation came when I got back home.

Smug married people: your ring doesn't make you an expert at life

That attitude karried such a load of crap. These women would not have to eat dinner alone, night after night. And we know that you think you mean well. I'm willing to bet any determined person reading this could be married in 6 months if they set out today with that as a goal.

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The smg kept running around, making a noise, so I tut-tutted loudly. Their ranks are rising, the frustration is mounting, and the snapping point can not be far off. Anyway, it sounds derrogatary, doesn't it? As I sat in the lobby of my beautiful hotel, sipping vegan hot chocolate in front of the fire, on the next table were two smug married couples and about half a dozen small children.

That remains to be seen. The fate of many couples is more subtle — they tend to slowly drift onto the social sidelines as their lives switch focus towards condo board meetings and Christmas concerts. Then men came along and relationships start. Jess gave me a wag, and waddled towards me, and Squeaky squeaked. She met and liked my date, and suggested I go ahead and "marry marride one.

In which i get smug-married envy

But while in my lovely wooden hotel room in the mountains I had taken long, relaxing baths, carefully got dressed and made up, read books, and woken up feeling optimistic and energetic, as soon as I had been back a day I slipped into my old routine. It was lovely to see the animals again. That if you ask again for the st time, a dreamy mate will materialize, there and then, from a StarTrek beam?

I no longer get dressed, or brush maried teeth, or wash my hair.

The get-together becomes less and less frequent. They were rudely dismissive of the lovely Italian waitress, ignoring her as they discussed where they would be going for dinner that night.

Smug married

I'm not against marriage. And so I have deduced that it is my new home that is making me depressed and that has turned me into a different person. I am sick with worry all the time. What's a smug married?