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Parrot for sale in nc

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Parrot for sale in nc

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We raise a variety of Green Cheek Conure mutations,Crimson bellied conures,white cap pionus,african grey timnehs,mustache parakeets,plum head parakeets,and a few other feathered friends. All of our babies come from a loving environment,wonderfully socialized and sweet as can be. Forever Feathers Website: foreverfeathers4.

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They are all named and are well cared for so that they are happy and healthy parents. She has allowed us to have visitation disrupting her home and family to provide comfort to her clientele.

Carpe conure adult - adoption, rescue

CFPS is committed to providing a permanent refuge and a lifelong, healthy habitat for these parrots. The bill made it illegal to import most wild-caught parrots into the U. Birdie Brains Aviary is a medium sized aviary near Raleigh, NC with hand-raised, hand-fed baby parrots.

As the babies grow, I will post updates about every other week and photos of your baby. The long-term vision of the Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary is to build large-scale aviaries on land saoe southeastern North Carolina where parrots in residence can live out their natural lives in environments where they can fly and socialize with other birds.

Erdman, forr is the Director of the Sanctuary, rescues, rehabilitates, and cares for parrots that are unwanted, abused, neglected, or whose owners can no longer care for them. Parrot University offers numerous classes for the companion parrot owner.

They are in My goal for Parrot U is that it be a resource to parrot lovers for the improvement of their relationship with their companion bird. Please click on Adoption Information for details.

Birds - north carolina

They whistle, sing and respond to voice Health and medical certificates from our vet. Our staff strives to provide a safe, healthy and caring environment for your parrot while you are away. I have some canaries for sale diferents colors diferent types Spanish timbrado, Stafford, Red factor, Yellow American singer and gloster. Please call, or stop by the store to register.

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Albemarle, NC My birds are well trained, they speck and understand English, they are very healthy and looking for a new home contact for more information and pictures if The map is completely interactive, so have fun zooming in to check out your area! After your baby comes home Purchasing a parrot from Birdie Brains Aviary does not mean that once the bird is home our relationship is over. For more on my background please click on About Parrot University. We now offer high bio-security boarding for your companion birds.

Our weekday operating hours are changing. Holly Springs, NC Hello, we are giving these 5 year 1 month old lovely birds for free adoption to any family or person who is ready to love and give them all the care that they deserve. Parrots Playhouse.

Living and learning with animals

Our library offers a wide range of books, magazines, articles, and DVDs for your enjoyment and education. At peak production, overparrots were born in these facilities and sold to pet stores and other markets every year. Parrots are not available for sale but may be adopted through Companion Parrots Re-homed CPRa non-profit organization. If you want to have a photo of your baby on the map, please send me your favorite snapshot of the bird, and your zip code.

These birds are well trained and Please visit for a unique and educational experience. We are a family aviary, so everyone has their share of feeding the birds, cleaning the birds and playing with their babies. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you parrt have.

Smithfield, nc

And you won't find macaw cor this sweet and lovable!! The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary exists to address this problem. As always, visits are by appointment - thank you for understanding! You really will fall in love with them when you Parrots are social animals, which live in flocks in their native habitats.

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Vet checked and micro chipped. Find out about special events, discounts, new products and helpful information for you and your bird For Marketing you can trust Parrot University pafrot your total resource for everything you need to have a healthy, happy and well-balanced parrot companion. We are relocating within the next few months to a new state. Please visit us for a unique and educational experience.

Please go to Boarding Info for more information. Our breeders are fed a pelleted diet, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, with a treat of seeds once a week. I have one pair of lady gouldians blues Why do we need a sanctuary for parrots, you ask?

We love to receive your photos and letters about your bird-kids. No other facility exists in North Carolina to support these animals.