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My wife takes impossibly long bbc all the way up her cunt

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My wife takes impossibly long bbc all the way up her cunt

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Amon Well-Known Member Author! My first time watching my wife do a BBC gangbang Discovering Wifey is a size queen hot wife whore and loving her even more for it.

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She then grabbed her tit and licked the cum off it. It was a measure of how 'in lust' Rebecca was with Hose's hose that she cooed, "Ooooh.

Rebecca seemed to get bolder the more they flattered her. She licked the head of his cock while he stroked it at a blinding speed. She flatly refused to eat my cum in all our years of marriage and now she eagerly agreed to do that for this black dude. With effort, Rebecca began to get more of the tool into her mouth.

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He lifted that huge dick to my mouth, telling me if I wanted to see it like my wife was going to see it; I'd have to give him some help. I put them to bed at nine, as planned. My heart sank when I turned the corner to our home and saw Lynda's car was not in the drive.

Hose's stroke now appeared to be effortless as Rebecca continually took more and more of that dick. She let me lick her out a little more before moving off to my side.

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We hadn't talked about it, and we definitely needed to. I Had to struggle to get a glimpse of the road to keep us from crashing.

I didn't want to quit once I'd gotten it into my mouth; and I'm not gay. He started dripping precum and I couldn't resist. Little streams of cum managed to escape her lips and run down her chin and onto her big eife. This caused her blond hair to fly around wildly and her huge tits to bounce in all directions.

Bull would occasionally slap Rebecca's sll with his big hands. She licked every inch of that tool. I exploded almost immediately, splashing cum all the way up to my face and completely glazing my torso. Can we do that sometime? It was physically impossible.

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After moving it in te out for a moment, he eased another finger in and then another. I took the head right into my mouth.

In contrast, Rebecca just wanted to prove to me that other men find her attractive. The guys start to ooh and ahh as Rebecca bumps and grinds.

I turned on the bb and surfed to interracial sex, finding the hottest vids of little white cunts stretched on big black cocks. However there was more to come. The site was amazing. Here was my shy, precious Rebecca talking to these men as though she were the world's biggest flirt. He boasted, "I'm not putting my meat in a nasty whore without the glove.

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Our daughters ed in the frolics, but choose to do so with their little string suits in place. The show was great and im;ossibly we had hit the bar across the street from the hotel for a drink. Look how big this is! A smile came to her cynt as she slowly stepped out of her high heels and into the Jacuzzi. It must have taken a great deal of concentration to take that huge 14 inch dick down her throat but it now appeared to be effortless for both of them.

Bull asked Rebecca, "How does it feel to be the slut in a slut sandwich?

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Sly backed away and allowed Rebecca to give full attention to Nick. Her feet never touched the ground as he placed her, doggy style, on the bed.

I don't see anybody else around. Now, Rebecca is a confident woman, but I think a group of large black men was the last thing she expected. A few minutes after I'd taken a seat next to our girls, Lynda came out. They were commenting about the great piece of ass they had just had. I didn't know what you would think; and I know if I ever intentionally exposed herr, and word got out, I'd be an outcast with our friends. It's impossible to tell you how much that means to me.