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My mom sucked me

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My mom sucked me

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So this all started a while ago when my friends parents got divorced. They moved apart from each other, and their mom needed help moving in to her new place.

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She breathed heavy. I needed something moved, but you know how lazy my sons are.

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You don't need to change a thing!

Make Me feel cool! I almost came right there, but I wanted to enjoy this a little longer. Prove it.

Then she slowly pulled off, gently caressing the shaft with her hand as she went, until finally she went back down and returned to her original motion. She tried to scream but nothing came out. She then bent over her bed. I didn't mean to The first shot came out and blasted her in the eye. His mom was pretty hot.

She "accidentally" turned and I kissed her on the lips.

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But I wanted to play the part. I can't wait to go back over there All On cam!

Any guy would be lucky to have you! She then held it there a minute, and slammed her head down into another deepthroat. Eventually though I busted my ass and dropped all the weight and got my form back. She pulled off and sufked her mouth a break finally and began jerking. You think so?

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She just sucked it twice more, then hopped up and pulled her panties down. It's so big She tried at least three more times, but I held her there.

My mind was fucking blown. She was really trying to get me to come. You moom to tell me! Her face was fucking covered, and I mean covered. She just kept sucking away like it was her job.

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Two globs landed on her chin, one on her forehead again, and another on each suckex. Then she pulled her hands away and just sucked with her mouth. It was really the greatest feeling ever. I pumped and pumped, and she was fucking moaning, but still trying to be quiet so no one would hear.

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But now, you're too hot not to do anything about it. How are you?

Your cock seems to disagree. I can't breathe. I think you better go back out before they get suspicious though.

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I did say you were attractive I had yet to see her, and she hadn't seen me without a shirt on since I got in shape. It belongs to me! She began sucled it out and popping it back in repeatedly, while staring up at me and rubbing my balls at the same time. So I pushed my luck a little.

I almost lost it again, but I held on. She sucked real hard again, and I pulled out and stroked another huge load on top of the old one. I was having too much fun myself.

My mom suck me off- until cum in mouth and drip on my dick!

I grabbed her hair into a pony tail and began to guide her up and down my dick. That was amazing. She opened her sjcked again. So I go inside to change into my bathing suit everyone else is out back. It was crazy.

I could tell she liked it though because she was whispering 'yes, yes, yes'. I exhaled in pleasure at the feeling of her warm mouth going up and down my shaft.

She was a total submissive whore, and I was loving every second of it. My dick instantly sprang to life, but I still wanted to play it off.