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Most expensive gamecube game

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Most expensive gamecube game

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Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for a game in non-ideal condition. The second gamecubf is the highest price in the past three months for a complete, non-sealed game sealed prices are also listed separately if recent example exists.

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Here is our list of some of the most expensive and rarest GameCube games. This was initially released with a limited quantity, hoping to make it a special edition. The Plus Edition, however has seen a gradual increase over the years. epensive


It is one of the rarest and most valuable sports games to continue to become pricier as times goes gamecuge. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for a game in non-ideal condition. Check out this photo to see the full contents of this special edition. Super Mario Sunshine Mario games of all kinds almost always sell fairly well and become popular for collectors. Cubivore was actually one of the hardest Gamecube games to find originally, but Altus decided to do an additional print run down the line without having any indicators of the second print run.

Now that collectors have been well aware of it, there are many instances of regret. The Capcom Five got a lot of buzz in and Below you will see gamecub prices beside each title. The game sold pretty poorly because it was an online rerelease game, and the excitement had already died out over the initial game.

The rarest & most valuable nintendo gamecube games

Check for Super Smash Bros. Those have since cooled down in value, but this particular variation is more difficult to find and has help some value well.

Skies of Arcadia was originally one of the few great RPGs on the Sega Dreamcast, but this enhanced version eventually made its way to the Gamecube as well. And anyone who collects rare games will know how expensive they can get.

Gamecube pricecharting index

Check price on eBay: check here GameCube certainly has a long list of valuable games, but many of these are some of the most valuable and popular ones that you might actually still own in your collection. The games were unaltered, but they came in a snazzy two-disc case that held both titles. Pristine copies since then have seen the biggest uptick over the last six years.

While Metroid Prime and Wind Waker are available separately for pennies on the dollar, the bundle is a pricey purchase.

So, why is it expenslve rare? The sequels release actually seemed to create more hype for the original, and made it something that now sells fairly well. Beyond Good and Evil While this game was released on all systems and was reviewed very well, it sold pretty poorly.

Path of Radiance held its resale value gamecuve from the time gamecuhe its retail release. Super Smash Bros Melee Super Smash Bros is pretty much always a somewhat valuable and desirable game series, regardless of the platform. Upon release, the game received mixed reviews from critics — often due from a lack of depth. No such luck for North America.

While these improvements were admirable, the audience was limited due to the Gamecube requiring a separate network adapter and only so many people that wanted to upgrade from the original release.

The top 10 most expensive and rarest gamecube games

Learn More. The collecting crowd finally caught on inwhen it started hitting its current range.

But the resurgence of the Pokemon franchise, thanks to Pokemon Go seems to really made a difference. Even though this game is a port from an older console, it's still a pretty rare game and has become really pricey for GameCube fans to pick up.

However, in these last six years, we have seen gamee more modest growth. What made a 2-pack about monkeys in hamster balls so rare? Any collectors that already had the game were rather annoyed at the time. Despite the fact that they're hard to get your hands on, a lot of collectors actively seek out these games for their collection due to their rarity. While it expenssive both negative and positive feedback during initial release, it is definitely a hot one for collectors now.

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The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. This game features classic Disney characters playing basketball against one another. With Melee being one of the favorite installments in the famed Smash franchise and gam heavily in tournament playMelee always commands some cash no matter what.

This game is one that has been rising in price over the years and has become more and more rare. While playing story mode, the player controls a hopeful skateboarder who wants to star in the series.

Since the game's release has such a unique story, the game has become rare and sought after. Considering the genre was rather niche and the Gamecube was a bit of a niche console itself, it was a bit surprising expensife not only would Ikaruga be ported to the Gamecube, but it would also get a North American release.

This game is considered to be one of the rarest games on the GameCube and fans always get excited to see a copy actually get listed online expemsive sell because they're so rare. This is actually the ninth installment in the Fire Emblem series, it features an entirely different world and reality. This game is unique because of the fact that the other games in this franchise use the title "college hoops" instead of "college basketball. So, in what bizarro universe are they rare?

For collectors this can be an appealing game, especially since it has more of a rarity. The game was developed in Japan, but never actually saw a release in that region.

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Gzme is some really expensive cardboard. Both consoles ended up being commercial disappointments, but that almost creates even more of a sense of collectibility for games like this. Still, the game has quite a of fans to this day and although it was re-released in Japan, the game is still really rare in North America. The game wasn't heavily advertised when it was released, leading it to be less than successful commercially. Melee is one of the very best-selling games in the Gamecube library, so it is not rare by any means.

While it is rare and desirable now, it did not sell very well at all when it first released.

Gamecube prices & game cube game list

The general consensus is it came down to a special cardboard sleeve. So, overall, it has been just a subtle but gradual increase over the last six years, it can be slightly easier to find a low-end copy for a bit less cash. Alone, they are expdnsive, but together, they are gaming collection holy grails.