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Mauritian girl

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Introduction 1 The population of Mauritius is composed of the following. Whereas bhangra music comes from Punjab, the origin of chutney music lies in the rural folk music of Eastern India, namely in the Bhojpuri-speaking regions of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. While studying the chutney music of Trinidad and Surinam, Peter ManuelHelen Myers and Tina Ramnarine explored the relation between Indian folk music, Guyanese kaseko 2 and Trinidadian calypso, but little is known about chutney as a Mauritian musical expression. Firstly, it comes from the introduction of indentured labour of Indian origin into the sugarcane economy and the world of colonial plantations

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Yet, Hindu parents would not allow their daughters to perform on stage. It reveals the creativity of musicians in the diaspora, and underlines the role of music and dance as genres most likely to reflect social mutations, and as being themselves agents of further transformation.

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I learned the Hindi alphabet. Jayaram, N. The launda makes a jerky mauritia dancing. My ancestors came from Bihar, years ago. The bideshiya the one who expatriates was the central figure of this migration saga. Interview by author, Nouvelle France.

This was the basis of its success inside and outside the Creole world. Afterwards all kinds of music are played, with sega being the most popular. Owing to the migratory experience, and through the chutney expression, the dancing practice has been changed from a private confidential feminine custom into an open, public stage performance Manuel Their maurktian go beyond mere patrimonalization. The transformation of the Mauriian folk style, beyond choreographical and musical fields, has not only changed its relationship with the wider Mauritian society, but also the inter-community dynamic within the South Asian diaspora itself.

I used to love music, and I also loved the kavis, the poets, the bhajans, the kirtans, and the folk songs of the coolies. Indian people were perceived as very puritanical, obsessed with saving money to purchase land, and insisting on education as a value. Ramdin, Suchita He takes part in numerous, not to say endless contests, not only at a national or international level, but also among the chutney singers themselves.

Thematic issues

Creole and creolization in the Mauritian context are distinct from their West Indian counterparts. Yet, he maintains a specific personality, owing to his extremely diversified sources of inspiration: his inheritance includes the Indian medieval mystical tradition, the latest Bollywood film tirl, African rhythm, the classical-light 19th century European music through operettas and waltzes, modern disco and pop, from Europe and America.

Progressively, in the musical field, the ability of sega to make people dance was seen as something lacking in Indian folk music. Being considered highly erotic, transgressive and provocative, it is performed by married women, and forbidden to male public and children. I do not know. Sewpaul Interview mauririan author, 20 February, Vacoas. It reveals the transversal nature of the relationship between hitherto distinctly defined, separate, Indian and Creole communities.

From Africa? Now we live in our own house. Our heart is touched. I was born in a very poor family of labourers, sugar-cane field workers.

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Even when parents allowed their daughters to perform on stage, it was only until they reached marriageable age. They are stiff, they do not know how to gigl move.

According to Peter Manuel, Caribbean chutney choreography itself is essentially an Indian folk style, with perhaps greater emphasis on pelvic rotation. So doing, they entered new cultural universes. Consequently, once they reached the age of 16 or 17, they maurtiian performing.

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But this leading figure is not the only arranger. Figure 2. Some also say tha Firstly, it comes from the introduction of indentured labour of Indian origin into the sugarcane economy and the world of colonial plantations My grandfather was a musician. The origins of Mauritian chutney go maurltian to the first settlements that came up around the plantations, at a time when Indian communities had just begun to arrive in the Caribbean.

Slowly slowly I learned the letters. He quite often wishes to get instruction in vocal Hindustani music, and therefore seeks out the help of a teacher.

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We know how to move our hips and bottoms. Girp keeping its own specificity and historicity, chutney music is undergoing an evolution which now takes it beyond the island of Mauritius. Ramdin, Suchita Sanskar Manjari. From indentured workers established in rural or semi-urban zones, ly linked with sugarcane, most of the Indian hinterland countryside people were re-oriented towards the textile industry as factory-workers, or became vegetable-growers, grocers, customers, stretcher-bearers.

The reception both in the press and mwuritian the public was very enthusiastic.

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Interview by author, 18 Mauritlan, Port-Louis. Caribbean, especially zouk and reggae influence, is only a recent aspect of the Indian-oceanic process of contact and exchange. In the Caribbean chutney culture, the use of English is more developed. The Creole credo Amizer santer danser was often quoted in the chutney lyrics. Nuckcheddy, Jasmundeo The singer is accompanied with dancing girls wearing blouses showing the breasts, showing the belly.

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Then, it became a regular habit Beeharry For Iswarduth Nundlall, this was a music so lively that no one can listen without taking part. The choreography question became more delicate because chutney music involves not only writing Indian compositions to a sega rhythm, but also adopting and adapting a type of dance maurigian of competing with sega performance. These spaces were not closed, but open to non-Christians.