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Life has up and down

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Life has up and down

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They teach us to stay grounded — centered within our Sacred Self, and centered within our Being.

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You know what? Remember this next time.

Fear wants us to live in pain, poverty, and unhappiness. Trust only Love. One-on-one, just. Life is too short so you better live the moment. To be human is to fall down and make mistakes; to get hurt and even hurt others Give up on blame. If there is suffering in the present, the past has not been forgiven. If you want to heal your present, make peace with your past.

Blame it on no one.

Ups and downs quotes

The line goes up and down with every heartbeat. You fall, you get up. Stay updated on new articles and resources in psychology and self improvement: Related Posts:. See them for what they truly are — games and illusions, and had your back on them. Surrender yourself to your Sacred Self — in love, faith, and humility, and allow the Truth of you to bring you out of the darkness and back into the light.

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No wonder people refer to life as a roller coaster sometimes. Seek the guidance of that person — through books, art, science, movies, paintings, music, etc. Give up on blame. Just imagine life would be same old thing every single day. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Most believe that the more good jp they have rather than bad moments, then the more happy they will be overall.

And cultivating this big picture view allows us to navigate more easily between the good, the bad, and everything in between. At one point in time, there has been someone who went through something similar to what you are now going thorough; an incredible being who managed to move past their insecurities, their fears and many ups and downs in a way that made them feel stronger, braver, and wiser. And.

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I'll never forget that sentence. Saviuc We go through life experiencing many pains, struggles, and trials.

On a bad day, find some time for ahs. You are only human. Listen to this article through Instaread here: One thing for certain in life is that it has both its ups and downs. Experience that life. The next day you could be at the bottom of the ocean, or at least you would be having thoughts about burying yourself deep into the ground.


One-on-one, just you and potentially your headphones. Humble yourself before your Inner Being and allow that sacred annd of you that is always at peace to help you navigate through the ups and downs of life with grace and serenity. Seek not to know the reason for your unhappiness. And they remind us that the peace we so desperately seek Out there, is already Within ourselves. To be human is to fall down and make mistakes; to get hurt and even hurt others along the way.

Life goes up and down

Ups and downs are part of life, part of our humanity. Understanding the inevitable ups and downs in your life is a great starting point in building more equanimity and inner peace. Become one with it — in mind, body, and dkwn.

Do not be fooled by your fears. Whether you dowh it or not, the journey of Life is all about Highs and Lows. Do not take your fears seriously.

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None of it was meant to hurt you, but only to cleanse you, to heal you, and to awaken you to your true Beauty, WisdomCourageand Divine Power. On a bad day, remember to put things in the right perspective. However, it is when life challenges you that you find all the emotions to deal with it. Everyone of us has this lifeline. Make peace with your past.

The ups and downs of life bring us face to face with the parts of us that are in pain; the parts of us that are wounded and in such great need of love and affection. Crack a bottle openhave a drink with your partner. Let healing take place.

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This doown shall pass. Close your eyes, take a deep breathand look deep within your heart to SEE the wonderful being you aspire to become and the beautiful life you dream of living.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Equanimity is a mental state of calmness and stability that can be applied to almost any experience.

There is almost hxs facet of our existence that is completely fixed and permanent. On a bad day, find some time for yourself. Our heartbeat is this lifeline. Allow yourself to go through whatever you are going through without shameguilt, and regrets.