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Lesbian tokyo

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Not even 10 minutes walk from the east side of Shinjuku station, 2-Chome is as tooyo from the outside as any Japanese street block or, for that matter, any cm Japanese boy in trainers, flak jacket, T-shirt, denim and sharp hair. That alone makes Shinjuku Ni-Chome something to write home about or at least text your besty. Compared with the gay quarters of major Western cities, it stands out in two ways: first for its small-scale profuseness.

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Also listed below in Gay Clubs. No matter how quiet things might seem on the street, Arty Farty is routinely jam packed. Address: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Web: www.

Gay and lesbian tokyo: a brief guide (updated )

Fresh, upbeat, modern layout and decor, hip multi-genre crowd, and good, reasonably priced drinks. Free cancellations lesban Need tips on where to stay? Women are only admitted with gay friends on weekends. The rest of Shinjuku is cleaning up and getting ready for 24 hours of it all over again.

Locations may change based on availability. Walk up last flight to 6F.

Generally, the site covers what type of place it is mixed, women only, etcwhether it requires a door charge and lesbisn. All drinks yen. Bookmark this link for all your relevant info.

Where to go and what to do if you're a woman seeking women in tokyo

The centerpiece of the event; a large, open, fair home to numerous lesbkan and live performance will run on Sunday, April 28 and Monday, April 29 across the road from Yoyogi Park. It is difficult to indicate the exact position of gay and lesbian bars and clubs in the confines of a leabian without cluttering it. LGBTQ places to go, groups, events, communities, gay and lesbian bars, cultural gender norms in Tokyo for travellers and newcomers.

Most Ni-chome lesbian bars are along Shirayuri no Komichi i. Take the street on the left hand side on which you see a land agent's called Kanbe Tochi.

5 shinjuku ni-chome nightlife spots lgbt women will love

Open 8 pm-2 am. Hours: 6 pm-3 am, Sun-Thu; till 5 am Fri-Sat.

A small but venerable Ni-chome institution although actually outside of Ni-chome proper. A small lesbian-owned bar for both lesbians and gays. Gay Shinjuku map Gay Ni-chome's most spacious streetside bar. Gay Shinjuku map Run by Arty Farty as its Drinks from yen.

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The scene at ArcH changes quite dramatically according to the event, so, as usual, choose your night. Open terrace in warmer months.

Tokyo R Bar has friendly, English-speaking bar staff who serve generous, reasonably priced cocktails from the well-stocked bar. The hapless foreigner who wanders innocently in off the street via close tokkyo staircases or a clanking old elevator may actually find himself lucky, at least for a time.

Recently opened. On walking in you line up at the bar.

At any one time, most of the bars represented by these s each hold no more than about 15 people — max! It is quite a lesbjan space from Arty Farty in that, while still small, it has way more headroom — to the point of incorporating a mezzanine floor. AdezakuraShinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Tel. On block J, facing block R.

Gay and lesbian tokyo

Whatever time you stumble back out into fokyo lightening air, Ni-Chome will still be peopled. Now that the famous Kinswomyn has closed, this is the most accessible lesbian spot in Tokyo.

The system is this: you pick a bottle of your favorite poison from the bar sake, shochu, whiskey, whatever and the staff will keep your bottle in the fridge ready and waiting for you each time you visit. On block L. The names themselves form a delightfully diverse vocabulary possible only in Japan where English is still foreign enough to treat entirely as you please and whose meanings and associations have a Japanese-shaped history of their own.

But don't worry, with us you'll be able to go anywhere with no problem.

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Gay bars in Shinbashi Shinbashi is in Minato ward, a little south of Tokyo station Shinbashi is a different gay scene from Shinjuku: more mature plus and, with that, generally more relaxed. The most famous lesbian bar in all of Tokyo, maybe in one of the most famous in the world, Goldfinger is an almost two-decade-old Ni-chome institution. On block P. For a girls' night out, head to these top lesbian bars in Shinjuku Ni-chome, Tokyo's LGBTQ+ neighbourhood.

Pay when you check out.

The former is a list of female-friendly queer venues in Tokyo and for some strange reason, Sapporo. The abundance of bars in Shinjuku Ni-Chome is something easily verified by a ten-minute stroll around its narrow precincts.

The first bar is run by a lesbian couple, who are its owners and exclusive bartenders. To map these dialects out would take a decade and superhuman catholicity of taste. Having studied sexuality and gender studies in university, I came to love Nichome not just as a lesbkan spot, but while doing fieldwork there, as a social landmark for LGBTQ people.

Glance into the foyers of buildings and lsbian at their sides for confirmation. Arty Farty is good solid gay clubbing — not exactly cutting edge, but done in a very crowdpleasing way. On block L, facing block T. Go out of the restaurant, up the escalator, left out of the Bygs Building and then immediately left again.