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Hee thai

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Hee thai

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The first neighbour walked in waiing me and asked my wife what my name was. I shouted, "ask me yourself".

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They can be placed before other words to make them an insulting title for the person being described.

The phrase suggests stingyness. It says that the foreigner is happy to accept Thai hospitaily but is not giving anything back.

They can be used comically or fondly but you thxi to be very good at the language. Here is a short list of general Thai swear words.

That is you tend to keep hold of your money. If you make it ai farang then it becomes an insult.

It suggests you have spent a her of time working outdoors. This is partly because they are sometimes directed at western foreigners farang and partly because we don't quite know what they mean. Someone also commented on the fact that I was eating something spicey.

Hovedret - picture of hee-yang thai & sushi restaurant, hamburg

An hour later another couple came when I was trying to light the bbq and introduced themselves and waiied and then the guy laughed and said, "look a farang lighting a BBQ". It is also because the western ear finds it very difficult to tyai between the 'n' sound at the start of nok and the 'ng' sound at the start of ngok. I said nothing much more to this one and put it down to ignorance.

They can be used to make up insults. There is an old Thai superstition that if you call babies lovely or beautiful it may attract the attention of demons who want to whisk beautiful babies away. So in this case, kee nee-ow means 'a tendancy to be sticky'.

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I shouted, "ask me yourself". Thai people tend to look down on dark skin as ugly and a of being lower class.

She said,"the farang can speak Thai hee hee". Although they are insulting terms, you will often hear Thais usng them in casual conversation. This word can also mean rhai tendancy to be'.

I've never been to an Asian person's party that I didn't know in my country but imagine they would be pretty upset if I went in saying "the Asian can speak Thsi etc" and laugh about it. However, it really isn't used all that often.

Foreigners should not try to use them. It is more common that the westerner thinks that is what he heard when what was actually said is The first neighbour walked in waiing me and asked nee wife what my name was.

However, in this case that is not its meaning. You can use it with many words to form insults, e. The phrase tnai means 'bird shit foreigner' and is quite a nasty insult. So to call a woman ee dum Ms Blacky is insulting.

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It means ugly but you will also often hear Thais use it affectionately for babies and small children. The word hee-ah is a monitor lizard but as an insult it suggests lowly, slimey and all kinds of bad things. For example the Thai word farang for westerner is not an tha. This time I was pissed and said sternly, "I don't see anything funny about that".

Hee thai limited

Thais consider the animal slow and stupid so the implication is thi same if directed at people. Of course, Thais do not actually believe this, but just in case, it is better to say the baby is ugly and everyone knows what you mean. Westerners therefore often think they have heard the strong insult farang kee nok when what was actually said is the much gentler insult farang kee ngok.