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Dogging in watford

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Dogging in watford

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Small car-park off Warren Lane. Hatfield Galleria car-park. Albans and Wheathampstead. Gay action too.

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After which the park keepers started.

How did others come across the term. Perhaps visitors enjoy dgoging fact that there is screening from the road and you can wander into the wood. Upon my denial, I had explained to me what Dogging was.

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Turn left into what looks like a picnic area. So, I let them get on with it.

It's a complete non starter! Horny Doggers in Watford rural wanted! Royston Heath — The car park at the sports club at the bottom. Nutleigh grove Hitchin. Accommodation Road down the side of Watford football club, at the bottom by the ticket. I'm not sure I know what FHM and Maxim are, but I suspect that they are only of interest to young male members of the lower classes.

Head down here and at the bottom, past the ticket office you may well be surprised.

To your right there is a small wooded area. Forget the idea of going to the Galleria as you will be on CCTV and a security van will pull up before you have a chance to pull your trousers down. The car-park on left dofging busy during weeknights after Lot of action happening almost every night after 10pm.

Wank mags sometime litter the floor. Dogging also takes place as does mutual wank sessions. There I was, happily viewing when Watforf heard a noise and went to look. I can see my ex neighbours being over the moon with that. Apparently, it is from when a husband states to wife "Just taking the dog for a walk", and he is hours.

On the downside it attracts dobging few boy racers in their Vauxhall Astras. End furthest away from the station is very quiet, Dogging Action here after dark. Also North Road. Dogging, Locations, Hertfordshire, public sex in car park by doggers. What are your views?

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Stevenage — Fairlands valley lake car park. Stanborough Lakes south side car park. Some are so secret only a select few Dogging fans. There are two car-parks.

Dogging in car parks

Gay action too. So I took a look at what Dogging in Watford could be like. Both are used during the day midweek, and evenings every day. Some Gay action going on here dogbing. Topic Tags:.

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One of the Galleria, Hatfield car parks opposite the police station. Baldock — Weston hills car park. All scenes catered for so expect to be surprised by the variety of action. Hertford — Aatford Industrial estate, behind Beltech. Hertford Dogging Hertingfordbury Roundabout - on the A just outside town. Small car-park off Warren Lane. I was working in Portsmouth and have always loved the sea.

Watford dogging

Car Park at rear straight women needed ed Mogga after dark week days Hoddesdon its rye dogging were there is a car park there is a ruin of a old castle very quite area Lay By on Lower Road, Hatfield to Luton A secluded lay-by and woods near golf course London Colney On London Colney bypass heading towards London Colney roundabout, there is a lay-by which is frequented by doggers.

Also opposite Tesco confectionary shop on Ware Road. Ina husband wrote that he often went to Ayot Green with his wife and invited others to them. There are plenty of places to go dogging in Hertfordshsire. Bowmans fishing lakes Go down the A towards London Colney and take the turning into a track 20 yards before the petrol garage, this will lead you to the lakes, action starts as soon as its dark and is quite a busy destination! Lot of dogging on picnic tables. Good afternoon action, have not wayford there in the evening though Puckeridge Every Friday night in the lay-by on the a10 just by Pearces farm shop from midnight until 3am seen a good of couples having fun Punch Bowl Lane couples, bi, gay nice and quiet doogging lots of secluded lay-bys Royston heath The car park at the sports club at the bottom.

Car Park at rear, straight women needed. Hertford opposite Tesco confectionary shop on Ware Road. So, one evening, I went up to Fort Nelson, binoculars in hand, to watch the ships coming in and out from a high vantage point.

Disgraceful antics or harmless fun? welwyn hatfield’s dogging hotspots revealed

It isn't the busiest of dogging spots so don't build up your hopes too much - more often than not it's one exhibitionist couple and one or two watching. Want to go dogging in Hatfield? Hertford Foxholes Industrial estate, behind Beltech Whereas dogging?

Quiet and dark Hertingfordbury Roundabout - On either turn off, off of the A dual carriageway. A huge one on the right which is very busy at weekends.

Hertfordshire dogging locations

It also tweeted in April that a large organised meet-up was planned to take place in Hatfield. Find other Doggers and secret Watford rural Dogging locations. The watforrd in his twenties travels doggig minutes across Hertfordshire to go dogging in Sherrardspark Wood and the Stanborough Lakes car park. this article to a friend To send a link to this you must be logged in. Watford Observer carried a story a couple of years ago of strange things going on in the long grass at Cassiobury park.

Ho ho. Several pull outs along this tree lined and discreet lane. Then follow the dirt road about 75 m to a dead end with an open field in front of you.