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Chinese swingers

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Chinese swingers

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China Swingers sent swnigers jail in China for orgies and wifeswapping parties University professor Ma Xiaohai, 53, jailed for three and a half years for organising a wife-swapping club and orgies Tania Branigan and agencies in Beijing Thu 20 May But today 19 Chinese swingers began prison sentences following their conviction on group sex charges. A court in Nanjing, eastern Chinaconfirmed that a university professor, Ma Xiaohai, 53, had been jailed for three and a half years for organising a wife-swapping club and orgies.

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In private, the professor, Ma Yaohai, 53, led a life that became intolerable to Chinese authorities: for the past six years, he was a member of informal swingers clubs that practiced group sex and partner swapping.

His team had turned to Marx and Engels for guidance, collecting relevant quotes. The detainees handed the officers a long list of names of other swingers that included Mr.

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In online chat rooms, his handle was Roaring Virile Fire. In an interview with Chinese reporters after his arrest, Mr. No one is forcing you. Ma did not answer calls seeking comment after the verdict.

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Most of cjinese are for expats or mixed race couples Normally western Husband and Chinese wife. On Thursday, a court sentenced the randy Mr. At least three recent singers have shown that the prosecution of people who engage in group sex does not enjoy widespread support today. Ma, took an unusually long time to reach the verdict, which could indicate that judicial officials had to weigh a variety of legal and political factors in deciding how to enforce this law.

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Yao said in an interview. Ma began trying to meet women through the Internet.

Sexologist Xue Fulin, deputy chairman of the China Sexology Association, told the newspaper an overhaul of sex laws was needed. After two divorces, Mr. But Mr. chlnese

Image Ma Yaohai, 53, was sentenced on Thursday to three and a half years in prison for being a member of clubs that practiced group sex and partner swapping. Eventually, though, he got over his anxieties. Ma told reporters that the largest sex grouping in which he had taken part involved four couples.

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Ma that she was traveling the country looking for other swingers. Saingers people try it and think it tastes bad, so they never drink it again.

Ma after they raided a hotel room in Nanjing last August and detained five people on suspicion of partner swapping. Brothels — often thinly disguised as hair swungers or massage parlors — and shops selling sex toys proliferate across cities and even in many villages, and premarital sex is common among young couples.

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The two moved in together. Li said.

A sociologist and sexual rights campaigner, Li Yinhe, said that two decades ago displays of public affection and even dancing with members of the opposite sex could be severely punished. Ma, a slim man with an angular face and black-rimmed glasses, defended his lifestyle.

Most tourists and visitors that are looking for swingers clubs in Chinaget frustrated because of the difficulty in finding them. What happens in my house is a private matter. Ma told China Daily group sex was common and the orgies distracted him from the pressures he felt after his second marriage failed.

If this case is wrongly judged, similar cases will be judged this way. There are many private groups that organize house parties and hotel meetups for Chinese swingers.

chinees The police arrested Mr. Most western and local swingers go there to meet other swingers. We are not working for one person or even But others argued that such behaviour was lowering social standards and could lead to other immoral acts.

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She later arrived in Nanjing and told Mr. Several Chinese news Web sites posted editorials echoing that sentiment after the verdict was announced.

In earlier interviews with Chinese reporters, Mr. The hooliganism law was scrapped in All but Ma pleaded guilty.