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Adult theater sex stories

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Adult theater sex stories

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You take care of the kids and your home. You have dinner waiting for your husband and you please him in the bedroom. I liked doing all of those things.

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Stroking their cock meat up and down. He was pulling and pinching my nipples which made my pussy wet.

She was covered in sticky hot cum. You have dinner waiting for your husband and you please him in the bedroom. Group Sex. Is she now a porn theater slut whore? I just wanted to have a hot time. In front of me, on the screen, was a big stud just pulling out of a very hairy pussy. Four at once. Theatee many erotic stories. Theater Sex.

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He spat on his hands and entered my pussy slowly. I agreed. Soon I was sitting xdult with a nice boner. I watched as it shot a load of hot cum into her bowels.

Adult theater stories

She just sat theateer just enjoying the cock that was fucking her still having her multiple orgasms. From all the moaning, the cocks in her mouth seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was going to make my dreams a new reality for myself. And she was only too happy to comply. My two hands were playing with two cocks. Suddenly another guy's hand reached from my other side and grabbed my cock through my pants.

I was going there to become a slut wife. The black guy with the big dick spat on his hand and rubbed his spit all over my asshole.

My wife's 1st trip to adult theater

The kind that looked like you could bounce a quarter off it. I was just left unsatisfied and sad. She is a mature woman and looked very hot for our stoires date. Beginning about fifteen years ago, Jeena and I started to visit adult theaters to watch and be watched, and sometimes. She had on a pink bra and panties. The movie wasn't why I was going there.

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This was my first experience going to an adult theater and the action could not have been hotter! Our Visit to Cinema Two Adult Theater It was Thursday night, Couples Night. Several weeks ago, while. Another man got up and sat on the other side of me.

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My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth. What do you think?

One or two guys looked at me as I entered the theater area, but none followed me in. She decided that some more stimulation was needed so she bent down and nursed the tip, probing and prying at the pee-slit with the tip of my tongue. He fucked me deeper and harder and it felt amazingly good. I was wishing my husband could see his wife getting fucked in every direction. I knew this plan was seedy, but I really just wanted to get fucked by a bunch of different people and then just go back to my simple life.

Slap my ass! I noticed the floors were kind of sticky. We have a very vanilla sex life. We went into the theater and there were some guys hanging around the front room, waiting for women I assume. I could hardly fit my stiff cock into my pants, and touching it made me pre cum. I have faked all my orgasms over the years. I was so turned on while he moved his hand all over the material.

I wrapped my mouth around his cock and took his mushroom head down my throat. Still stroking himself, he slowly began sliding his hand up and down the length of my shaft. All of them were rough with me and face fucked my mouth hard. Only the best porn stories and sex stories.

He said he would be home late and not to wait up for him. I stood outside the door slowly dinking it down theatfr feeling spent. Erotic stories free to watch.

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We were both filled with nervous excitement. She lifted her legs onto the seat back in front of us to make it easier.

I had my own ideas for an interesting evening. I dreamed of lots of hard sex all kinds of different ways.

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Jeena visits an adult theater. She went little by little obviously enjoying and savor every last little bit of it. I liked doing all of those things. I parked some distance away and quickly walked to the theater. Deep Throat was one of them. Then Theatr saw the older man enter the room. Some other guy was behind me and squeezing my breasts together. I definitely preferred couple play when everyone sucks cock and eats cum.

She watched for a min, then he took his hand away, letting his cock stick straight up. I made all kinds of sucking noises.